Vihiga Governor had a hand in the death of County Chief Oficcer Mrs. Immaculate Simiyu-Source


Vihiga County Governor Dr. Wilbur Otichilo is on the spot as sources claim he may have been behind the sudden death of Immaculate Simiyu, the Chief Officer Vihiga County. The   Chief Officer Environment & Natural Resources Immaculate Simiyu Miheso died while undergoing treatment in a Kisumu Hospital. She had a short illness,as per county report, but the family says that she had bled till her death.

Its alleged that the officer had bled for three days after an attempted abortion. Abortions—both medical and surgical—are safe, and complications are rare. Abortion is safer than pregnancy or childbirth. Abortions can be safely administered in outpatient settings. And though they are on the decline, they’re common, with one in four women having an abortion by age 45. Over the weekend Immaculate visited her home in Kitengela and informed her husband over the abnormality. Its even though her last minute man was not the legal husband to Mrs. Simiyu. Over the 2017 campaigns, the husband was a close aide to the governor’s campaign team. As a result, the governor awarded him by employing his wife at the county government.


Immaculate was bleeding “profusely” in the recovery room and underwent a second procedure under doctors care to try to stop the bleeding. Although she later collapsed in the clinic and was disoriented, the doctor says she was sent home with her sister with instructions to go to the hospital if the bleeding returned. She reportedly passed out in a Kisumu hospital and was brought to a  where she received six pints of blood before she died.

Mrs. Immaculate is the second senior officer from county government to have Otichilo’s pregnancy after the former CEC sports Marita Agufana. The doctors who were handling her confirmed that she had tried to abort the four-month pregnancy and things did not go as well as planned. A family member close to her informed us that Mrs. Immaculate had pressure from the governor to abort the kid. Immaculate is also a former NEMA senior officer. The legal husband family who did a wedding with her sometimes back has already taken over the house in Kitengela and evicted Mr. Mahasi, who got married to immaculate after divorce. Although the governor refused to comment on this matter, his Communication Director said that there are people who are in to taint governors image. But in Immaculate’s case, her abortion was elective, per the medical examiner, meaning it wasn’t based on health risk and, as far as we know, there were no fetal anomalies incompatible with life. At her advanced stage of pregnancy, she was racing against the clock for legal abortion, and her options in Kisumu were limited.

Cases of senior officers in the county impregnating junior ones have been in the rise, with reports that some citizens in the county were writing to DPP to intervene. Vihiga county which has also been on the spot for irregular procurement and purchase of governors land of residence at a rural area at the cost of 26 Million and paying the owner 6 million.