‘Jobless men should not get married’ says Kath Kiuna


The Bishop of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), Kathy Kiuna has said that men without employment should be discouraged from seating at frontbench at her church.

Kathy made the remarks while delivering her sermon as the main celebrant at a wedding of daughters of Zion in Nairobi over the weekend in which Mr. William Kamau and Salomy Mirembe took their vows at Jubilee Christian Church.

Kathy said men were created physically strong to protect their wives and to work and provide according to the biblical scriptures and doing otherwise makes it practically hard for them to fulfill their family roles.


“After God had created man, he then went ahead to create a woman for him,” she said.

“I am also married to a handsome hardworking man,” she emphasized pointing at her husband Allan Kiuna who was also present.

she also appealed to the newly wedded couple to make their homes the first church for it yields a stable family, a strong church and nation.