UoN VC rushed to hospital,Viagra overdose


University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor Peter Mbithi has been rushed to hospital after using excessive Viagra.It is not yet known if its MP Shah or Nairobi hospital. Mbithi was having good times with a Chinese  lady in one of his mansion in Kileleshwa.

The VC is also known by the university staff and his relatives from the village as a marauding sex pest who would force even his closest of relatives to sleep with him so as to grant them favors.

According to his immediate family members, the VC cannot even step into his father’s home after he forced one of his nieces, Teresia Ndunge, to sleep with him before granting her employment as a cateress at the institution.


The lady was later fixed by Prof Mbithi together with some CID officers who made sure that she was jailed for three months at the Langata Women’s Prison.

Following condemnation by his own family members including his brothers and sisters, the Professor later went home and destroyed the properties of his brother and his own mother’s house.

When his mother died recently, he couldn’t gather courage to visit his village home and mourn with other members of his family.

Professor Mbithi was represented by Kalonzo Musyoka’s law firm – Musyoka, Wambua and Company Advocates – in the cases against his brother and niece who accused him of sexual assault.

The VC is known to be fighting his own elder brother Joseph Mwanzia and other family members in a number of court cases, both criminal and civil.

  • Criminal case 1652 of 2009, Milimani-Prof Mbithi (uncle) vs Teresia Mwanzia (niece) sms.
  • Criminal case 410 of 2010 Milimani (Prof Mbithi) vs Ndunge (Niece) sms.
  • Criminal case 444/603/2011, Kangundo (Pascaline Mbithi vs Charles Mbithi (brother) (malicious damage).
  • Criminal case 05/2012 Kangundo, (Joseph Mbithi vs Prof Peter Mbithi vs Joseph Mbithi and Josephat Mwanzia (brother) malicious damage.
  • Civil case 338 of 2012, Milimani, Peter Mbithi vs Joseph Mbithi and Josephat Mwanzia (brother) malicious damage.
  • Civil case 338 of 2012 Milimani, (Prof Peter Mbithi, Joseph Mbithi and Josephat Mwanzia (father and son) defamation.
  • Civil suit 94 0f 2012 Kangundo, (Teresia Mbithi) mother vs Joseph Mwanzia Mbithi (son) land.

With these kind of petty fights he is involved in with his family members, the university staff now believe that the Vice Chancellor was also involved in the recent killing of one of his colleagues in Tala, Kangundo.

The don was killed in an incident described as botched robbery.